the janitor cart mobile app

Less questions. Remote direction.

What The Janitor Cart Offers Your Team

BOI Report

Essential summaries of information such as job locations, services to be performed, security access, and details specific to job-sites.


Facility specific procedures available in preferred languages for ease and clarity.

Service Order

Scheduling, task management with recurring abilities, track performance by resource, safety meetings and quality control.


Improve morale and employee performance with praise, recognition, remembrance, and appreciation.

Keep employees safe with inclement weather conditions.

Time Clock & Payroll

Less time card corrections with time entries collected right on employee's mobile devices with consideration of travel time and job site location with payroll integration.


Track performance and efficiency improvements with real-time data.

SDS & Employee Handbook

Employees have instant access to company useful policy and procedures.

My Rights

Keep current and in compliance with State and Federal Employment documentation requirements available in addition to company polices and procedures.

Why Janitor Cart?

With all your resources on-task, checked in, and performing to expectations the results are exceptional. Morale improves because job-satisfaction increases as jobs are done accurately with ease.

Management stress is relieved with knowing status and productivity levels.

Use this app to increase your value by showing your clients your level of organization, concern for accuracy, and efficiency of your sanitation staff.

This app is best suited for commercial sanitation services who are looking to offer better service to their clients and be more efficient.

The Janitor Cart, simply clean.

Reduce Sanitation Costs and Improve Quality.

The Janitor Cart is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play after account creation.

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