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The Janitor Cart Starting at $99/mo.!
Janitorial Operations Management at Your Fingertips
A cloud-based janitorial operations management system designed to improve quality, consistency, and efficiency.
What is the Janitor Cart?

This one-of-a-kind janitorial operations management system is designed for daily use by both administrative and operational personnel to streamline the many moving elements involved with commercial janitorial services.

Operational Functions

Work Orders
Time Clock

Administrative Functions
My Rights
Employee Handbook

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Why Use The Janitor Cart?

Are you tired of hearing “I didn’t know” or “I didn’t know how” from your staff? The Janitor Cart was created to manage the obstacles facing janitorial service providers on a daily and periodic basis. This user-friendly interface assists managers as well as front-line users to improve consistency and increase efficiency for even the most challenging facilities. With dual focus on operational tasks and administrative responsibilities, The Janitor Cart can help your business stay organized, improve quality, and increase profits.

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